Moolhuizen Misses but Forsakes Fatal Flip

Mateusz Moolhuizen has seen his stack rise and fall (but mainly rise) over the course of the day, however as the last level approaches he’s dropped to 30,000 – a starting stack’s worth of chips.  He limped under the gun (for 1,200) and cut-off Ilya Baydyushev raised to 4,000.  Back to Moolhuizen, who performed the limp-three-bet to 13,500 with just under 50,000 behind.  Baydyushev, with a similar stack, made the call.

Moolhuizen led out for 7,000 on the Jh3h6c flop, called by Baydyushev.  Both players checked the 9d turn fairly quickly, and the 7d river a little more pensively (especially Baydyushev).  Showdown!

Baydyushev: QdQs Moolhuizen: AdKc

Queens took the pot, bumping Baydyushev’s stack up to 85,000 and Moolhuizen’s back to square one.

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