Moolhuizen Hits a "Four King" Great Hand!

Mateusz Moolhuizen has done well at showdown in the key pots today and once more he showed good form, going to war preflop with Jens Ostergaard – who called his 3.3 million shove and showed [Jd][Js] flipping versus Moolhuizen’s [Ac][Kd].

A board of [Kc][Kh][3d][3h] had already locked up the pot for Moolhuizen before he hit the [Ks] on the river adding a dramatic punctuation mark to his victory. “That’s just showing off,” joked Moolhuizen as he collected the 7 million chip pot – Ostergaard looking stony-faced as he handed over around half his stack – dropping to around 4 million.

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