Moolhuizen Gets the Karim

Karim Kennou just made a misstep, falling into a well-laid trap by Mateusz Moolhuizen. Facing a couple of limps, Kennou raised it up to 7,000 in position – Moolhuizen the sole caller…

The board fell 5d 4h 2d, Moolhuizen checked, only for Kennou to quickly fire out 11,000. Small wait, then a call from Moolhuizen. The 5h that arrived on the turn didn’t look to have changed the board texture hugely.

Moolhuizen checked, Kennou asked for a count of his remaining chips (27,000) before firing out a committing-looking 17,000. Moolhuizen reflected for a few solemn moments before pushing the rest of his chips over the line.

Kennou felt priced in to call with his Ac Qs, but tapped the table as Moolhuizen showed him pocket aces, leaving Kennou with just a few gutshot outs to a chop for an over 100,000 pot.

They never arrived and that left Moolhuizen’s crafty play having left him with six figures, whilst Kennou’s stack had taken a huge hit – down to around 25,000…

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