Monia in the Bank

Sebastian Pawlak, giving Day 1B another go, hasn’t found much success yet.  Just now he added to Monika Zukowicz’s already healthy stack with a bluff that was called but not shown (more on that in a minute).  On a 2d 4c 7s flop, Pawlak check-raised Zukowicz’s 3,600 bet to 8,800.  She called.

No bet on the turn, and on the 3s river Pawlak led out for 8,000, about half of his remaining chips.  When Zukowicz called, he instantly mucked his hand.

She, too, got away without showdown (despite the bet-call nature of the river) – no one objected and perhaps the Law of the Land in this casino allows it.  On the rail, one zips it, but I’d have been curious were I having to navigate the tricky waters of her table…

Zukowicz: 90,000

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