Modans Up a Gear

An extraordinary move from Davis Modans has cemented his status as chip leader – currently on around 5.7 million.

Sergey Luchishin opened to 165k from the button with a so-so Js-9h and Davis Modans called in the big blind with an only slightly better Ah-2h to see a 6c-Qd-Jc flop. Modans, possessing only ace-high, checked it. Luchishin, now holding a pair of jacks, checked behind.

The turn was a second queen – Qc – and this time Modans bet out 190k, though his hand had not changed significantly since the flop. Luchishin called and they proceeded to the river.

The nothing-y 4s on the river did nothing for either player; neither did it change the texture of the board. Nevertheless, Modans now suddenly set Luchishin in – a massive overbet, given the 600k or so in the pot and the 1.7 million left in Luchishin’s stack. After some deliberation, Luchishin folded the best hand and the pot went to Modans. Fortune favours the brave, it seems.

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