Mixed Fortunes

Milan Milincic, short-stacked for much of the day, has finally succumbed. I found him contemplating a 46k bet from Kilian Kramer on the river of a 5s 8h Td Jd Ts board; after a while, he flat-called, noting, “I still have chips left.” Kramer turned over Tc-3d for trips which presumably was good enough as Milincic just mucked, and they proceeded to the next hand. Milincic did indeed have chips left – roughly 15,000 of them, with Milincic forced to put in 6,000 of them as the big blind the very next hand; the rest of his shrapnel soon went in as well. Milincic’s 2-7 couldn’t save him when his opponent’s Q-9 made a straight, and he was gone.


Meanwhile Zdenko Slavik has enjoyed a most fortunate double up to over 200k. I’m not sure when the chips went in, but one would hope it was on the flop or after.

Andreas Reichel: 9h-9d
Slavik: Qs-9s

Board: 6s 4c 3s Ts Ks

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