Mixed Fortunes as the Money Comes Into View

Peter Rees is out, his preflop Kc Qc no good against Paf qualifier Jesper Lundstrom’s As Qs once the board had rolled out 9s 2s Qd 8d Jh. Lundstrom is doing Paf proud on 190k after that.

Meanwhile both Aris Rosenthal and Guts qualifier Thomas Morstad have doubled up. The former saw his AK hold against Tiit Piller’s AJ on an A-7-K-2-5 board to double up to 270k (Piller was left with 220k), while the latter spiked two pair with KQ on a 3-K-A-Q-8 board against Guts qualifier Eirik Presterud’s A5 to double up to an admittedly still precarious 95k.

The average stack is now 145k with 116 players remaining. We areĀ still waiting on the casino staff to supply us with prize pool info, but we can tell you that 71 places will be paying out.

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