Mikael Gronvik Out in 5th Place (€14,000)

The hand that did most of the damage was against Raido Ounapuu, who raised under the gun with Ac 8s. Mikael Gronvik called with Qd Jh in the cutoff, and they saw a flop – 9h Tc 5d, which they both checked.

Ounapuu picked up a straight draw on the 7c and bet out 125k. Gronvik, who’d had the top end of the straight draw since the flop, min-raised to 250k. Back to Ounapuu, who flat-called to see a river.

The river was the Td, which changed nothing for anyone. Ounapuu checked his board pair with ace kicker, and Gronvik now bet 400k – a third of his remaining stack. After a moment or two in the tank, Ounapuu made the call – and was rewarded with a near-double up to 2.5 million. Gronvik was left with just 810k.

Gronvik folded under the gun next hand, and then folded his big blind to a push from James Sudworth. One hand later, though, it was all over. Sudworth raised to 300k under the gun, and this time Gronvik found a hand. The chips (all 625k of them on Gronvik’s part – barely a min-raise) went in, the outdraw landed on the felt, and we were down to four players, James Sudworth now on 2.9 million.

Gronvik: Qh Qc Sudworth: As 8c

Board: 9h Kc Tc 2dAd

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