Middleton On The March

Ben Middleton’s stack had started to slip down the rankings but he just won a decent size pot to arrest this decline and he did so without showdown, which is always helpful.

Raising it up with Ad Kd, it was none other than the irrepressible Artur Yarovoy who elected to put some pressure on, 3-betting with nothing but napkins – Js 2s. He’d timed this aggression poorly however as Middleton had the goods and jammed all-in for his 1.3 million stack.

A short pause to save face for Yarovoy but he was never calling and duly folded. The chips he lost in that hand mean Kilian Kramer has just snuck ahead of him to lead the final table.

Here’s how that hand has left the chip standings as we play through level 26.

Kilian Kramer – 3,001,000

Artur Yarovoy 2,913,000

Juraj Valasky 2,146,000

Ben Middleton 1,736,000

Johannes Hubalek 1,581,000

Marko Maher 1,281,000

Adem Marjanovic 566,000

Andrius Chmieliauskas 351,000


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