Middleton Heading for the Top?

Ben Middleton, possessor of, appropriately, a middling stack for pretty much the whole of today, is now making a bid for the chip lead now after a silent and well-considered encounter with Kilian Kramer.

It folded around to Middleton in the small blind, who min-raised his Th-6h. Kramer called with 9d-4c in the big blind and they saw a flop. The action went like so:

Flop: 2d 4s Td – Middleton checked his top pair, and then called the small bet from Kramer, who had flopped a pair of fours

Turn: Ts – having made trips, Middleton check-called again, this time Kramer betting 345k on his two pair

River: Kh – Middleton checked a third time, but failed to provoke a third bet from Kramer, who checked behind instead

The pot went to Middleton, who’s now up to 3.5 million. Kramer however remains the overall leader on around 5 million.

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