Middleton Climbs

Most of the stacks are pretty bunched together at the moment, meaning one pot can leap you up the chip counts.

Ben Middleton just illustrated that as the very busy Artur Yarovoy raised from the cut-off to 60,000 with Th 5h which was called by Juraj Valasky in the small blind with pocket sixes.

Good news for Middleton. He looked down at pocket jacks, in a nice spot to squeeze, meaning he might not be given credit for a big hand.

He made it 240,000, and a quick fold from Yarovoy was followed by a much slower more considered fold from Valasky, probably feeling the implied odds to set-mine weren’t there for him.

And just like that in one preflop coup, Middleton had climbed to third with 1,600,000.

It’s hard to pick a winner right now with these stacks all within touching distance of each other.

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