Middleton Bodea-bagged

MPNPT Vienna’s runner-up Ben Middleton came within a whisker of cashing consecutive events, but has failed to do so, the young British player having been eliminated a few moments ago.

Rares-Aurelian Bodea was the man who did the damage, raising from the cut-off to 12,500 only to see Middleton jam all-in from the small blind for 117,500. (Bodea had him just covered.)

Bodea went into the tank and shook his head. MIddleton began cautiously smiling, perhaps feeling the Ac8c he had re-jammed with was growing stronger in relative strength with every second Bodea failed to call.

Finally though, Bodea did make the call.

With Kings.

MIddleton looked bemused.

“Oh yeh, that’s….good enough,” he said with a puzzled look on his face.

The board ran out 9d 3h 4s Td 9c and that was Middleton’s tournament over.

“If I lose that flip, it is trouble…” said Bodea to explain himself. Bad luck Ben. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Malta.

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