Michael Welland Bubbles!

The pain of the bubble was mercifully brief for all participants…bar the unfortunate Michael Welland who heroically took it upon himself to fill that most maligned of poker finishing positions.

Welland was operating with a micro-stack of 16,500 and when the considerably-larger-stacked Kiliam Kramer raised it up to 12,000 in the hijack, he jammed this in over the top from the button.

Everyone passed, Kramer called and Welland was at risk of elimination.

With the cards on their backs, his Ad 2s held a slim advantage over Kramer’s Kd 3h, but it was wafer-thin and an action-packed board of Kh Ah 3d saw the tables turned, Kramer’s two pair trumping Welland’s top pair.

The Kc on the turn almost sealed the deal, Welland now requiring one of the two remaining aces in the deck if his participation in this year’s MPNPT Vienna Main Event was not to be curtailed.

No luck, the river was the inconsequential 7d and it was all over. Michael Welland had bubbled!

If he was looking to draw a quantum of solace from this gloomy circumstance, it could be found in the form of a free entry to the MPNPT Malta Main Event. See, life’s not so bad Mi hael! See you in Malta.

Meanwhile Kramer moved up to 400,000 and the audience broke into spontaneous applause at the news they were all getting paid. Happy, remunerated faces abound in the cardroom right now!

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