Meklin Hanging In There

Tuukka Meklin, reduced to just 4k not so long ago, has managed to spin it back up to almost 50k. I caught the most recent double up, Meklin shoving from the small blind over the top of a raise from table chip daddy Alessandro Siena in the hijack. Siena made the call – what’s another 10k or so to a man with over half a million in chips? – and Meklin’s hand held to keep him in the game for another hand or two, at least.

Meklin: Ac-3s
Siena: Td-8s

Board: 4c Ah 7s Jh 5c

Meklin’s 45k is barely a quarter of the 180k average right now, but it is arguably better than nothing with the bubble rapidly approaching – although I think we’d all rather be in Siena’s position right now, on 560k or so.

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