Mehdi Hsissen Busto in 5th (100,000 MAD)

Mehdi Hsissen looked down at pocket queens and open-shoved for 1.2 million. But in the big blind, Fadhil Farag found an even better pair, and made the call.

Hsissen: Qh-Qd
Farag: Kh-Kd

Board: Ad-5s-5h-4c-Jd

Farag found a premium pair for what must be the seventh or eighth time this final, and it held to propel him back into the chip lead.

Current chip counts:

Farag: 4.4 million
Ali Mechiche: 3 million
Abdelouahab Zizi: 1.9 million
Mateusz Moolhuizen: 950k

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