Mega-Nuts for Rebhan!

Sebastian Rebhan just won a sizeable pot, calling 11,000 from Dzimitry Stukach on the turn of a 5s 5c 6h Jc 6s board before picking up a huge stack of 5k chips and dumping it over the line on the river.

Stukach winced a little – but even with his smallish remaining stack of just over 20,000 – he couldn’t make the call and laid down his hand.

Rebhan raked in the pot and quietly turned over pocket fives for quads! You have to show when you make quads…

Stukach smiled ruefully at this huge holding.

“Pocket jacks,” he joked, pretending he’d folded the second nuts. We’re not sure anyone believed this…

Rebhan is on an early tear – up to 240,000 already.

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