Mega-Fold from Fomitsa

Wowzer. We just saw Yosifov shove all-in for 620,000 with jacks. Spasov called with As Kh in the hijack, but Fomitsa was lurking with [Ks][Kc] behind….a huge cooler and terrible news for both Yosifov and Spasov.

It looked like we might be about to see a huge hand play out until…Fomitsa thought about his action and folded! The commentary team were a little shell-shocked about this one…

Incredibly in this massive cooler of a hand there was one more big hand lurking – Anger behind with A-K himself and less than ten big blinds.

Somehow, Anger also managed to find a fold!

In a hand where we could feasibly have seen 4 players all-in, just 2 made the flop and it was Yosifov who took it down – his jacks holding over the [Qh Qs 5h][2d][4c] flop to move to over a million. Fomitsa misses out on a huge pot and Spasov’s stack takes a big dent…

Incredible scenes…

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