Mattila Can't Shake Off Callers

Jussi Mattila is a player who has put together a formidable record at the MPNPT with two final table appearances, his best finish a runner up berth at the 2018 MPNPT Bratislava where he collected €20,900 for his troubles. When he is focused and calm, Mattila is a very dangerous opponent and right now, it looks like he is in the zone, despite not everything going his way.

Most recently, he saw a raise from Piotr Pietruszka to 2,000, called in one spot on the button before he made it 6,900 from the big blind (holding ace-king). Both players called and the 6sTd9h led Mattila to pause, rub his chin and check.

The two other players checked behind.

The 9c on the turn saw Mattila lead out for 6,000 – Pietruszka laid his hand down but the button called.

The Qs on the river prompted Mattila to pick up a stack of blue 5,000 chips, adding some 500 and 100 chips for garnish, although ultimately he failed to deliver the sizeable bet he was promising, checking his hand – the button quickly checking behind also.

“You have eights,” said Mattila – and he wasn’t far off as his opponent showed him pocket threes to scoop the pot, causing Mattila perhaps to reconsider whether he should have made the big bet he had threatened.

Either way that hand leaves him with around 50,000 – still in fine shape and with another MPNPT cash potentially beckoning.

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