Mattila Can't Break Pattern But Remains Unbowed

Variance has not been Jussi Mattila’s friend today, but he returned from the break and looked like he might be able to turn round his misfortune.

With just 3,800 behind, he moved all-in under-the-gun and surprisingly no one called until the big blind.

“Seriously?” the big blind asked exasperatedly. “I call because of the price,” he grumbled as he threw in the additional 2.2k with 8-3. Mattila was overjoyed to have his opponent dominated with Ah 8d and his advantage held firm over flop, turn and river.

“Yes!” exclaimed a happy Mattila, who was back to over 10,000. Sadly though, just as we rushed back to report some good news for once – we were sad as we spied the familiar sight of Mattila heading to the cash desk once more to rebuy yet again. As he returned, he offered the following words of wisdom.

“I can’t play this game but I can win!” he told his table. “When you are the worst player in the world, you can win!”

Nothing can crush this man’s spirit!  He’s an eminently likeable guy…go Mattila!

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