Mateusz Moolhuizen Back for More

Dutch player Mateusz Moolhuizen has built up a reputation as a fierce competitor at the poker felt – his genial table manners belying his aggressive playing style. His last appearance at an MPNPT Poker Tour was an apt illustration of this – Moolhuizen nearly winning the tournament before finishing up just short in a creditable 4th place.

We’ve already seen him getting involved in a few pots. He’s been winning some and losing some, though the net result has been a gain in chips.

Most recently, Moolhuizen raised to 300 in position, called by a player from the blinds.

The board fell Td 3c 8s – and Moolhuizen called his opponent’s 500 chip lead.

The 9h turn saw checks all round, before his opponent fired 1,000 on the Jc river.

Moolhuizen examined the board before reaching for a raise – making it 3,200. His opponent had a long think then made the call – only to muck as Moolhuizen showed him Qc 8c for the rivered straight. He flashed a sad 7, showing the smaller straight – the Dutchman nodding his head in sympathy as he swept up the pot to move slightly above his starting stack.

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