Mateusz Moolhuizen Out in 4th Place (140,000 MAD)

The action folded to chip daddy Fadhil Farag in the small blind, who raised to a standard-ish 250k holding Qh-7d. In the big blind, Mateusz Moolhuizen looked down at As-Ks and shipped the lot in – around a million more. With only the briefest pause to count out the chips, Farag made the call!

Board: 3h-Qs-4d-Tc-Td

Farag spiked his queen, and that was all she wrote for Moolhuizen. Farag has consolidated his chip lead (now 5.5 million to Mechiche’s 3 million and Zizi’s 2 million) and they continue three-handed.

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