Masterful Work for Picasso

Portuguese pro Henrique Pinho has hit the door at the hands of Scottish poker pro Andrew “Picasso” Hedley.

Pinho opened up from early position with [Ac6] and Picasso defended the big blind with [Qd7d].

The [Qs7s6x] flop was like a piece of art for Picasso as he had two pair and he handled the rest of hand masterfully.

Pinho bets 120,000 before Picasso three-bet to 345,000. Pinho then jammed with bottom pair for about 1,200,000 and Picasso snap-called.

The [2x] on the turn and the [5x] on the river completed the board and Pinho hit the showers in 59th place for €3,500.

Not too much later, Picasso eliminated OlyBet Poker qualifier Jan Christopher Inerud. Picasso held [KxQx] which outflipped the [9x9x] held by his opponent to send him to the rail in 57th place for €3,500.

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