Massive Pairs of Tiit

Tiit Piller has been dealt massive pairs three hands in a row now – but hasn’t managed to make a lot out of them.

First, he was dealt Qh Qd under the gun and got called by Jussi Mattila holding Kd 3c in the small blind and Peter Pihlstrom with 9s 7d in the big blind. All three players checked the As 3h Ah flop though; Piller called a small bet on the 9c turn, and Mattila checked the Ts river as well. Pihlstrom refused to take the bait and checked behind, leaving Mattila to pick up the pot with his full house.

Next hand, Piller pushed with Ks Kc from the big blind over a raise from Cody Wagner (Qc Js) and a reraise from Jussi Mattila (9s 9h). Both players folded, and Piller picked up a pot somewhat smaller than we suspect he would have liked.

And theĀ next hand, Piller woke up with Qh Qc! This time it folded around to him in the small blind, and there was no messing around – he just shoved. Paul Johnson was not interested with Js 3d, and Piller just picked up the blinds and antes.

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