Martin Crushes Tammel Hopes(14th - €2,700); Bitter Pihl for Neemsalu(13th - €2,700)

Tarmo Tammel just had a cruel exit, jamming from the button for his circa 20BB stack and getting called by Luke Martin in the blinds – understandably with pocket eights.

Tammel was in great shape to double though with pocket tens. The board fell Ad 6d 7s 9d however to spell danger and a cruel Th on the river gave him a set but completed Martin’s straight simultaneously. Very harsh – Tammel’s expression could be read like a book – a sad, maudlin novel with a miserable ending. Still, well played sir! We’ve enjoyed your company and you can be proud of your performance.

“It would have been nice to make a flush,” said Tammel wistfully, punctuated his exit as his tournament ended in 14th place for €2,700. Martin now has around 2,300,000 and could well be the chip leader at this point. Tammel was wished well, sidled off to the cash desk and suddenly more drama broke out just before the end of the level.

Neemsalu meets frosty demise

Alar Neemsalu waged war with Peter Pihlstrom preflop, holding A-Q but running headlong into Pihlstrom’s dominating A-K. Pihlstrom turned his c. 70% equity into 100% as the board held no demons and we lost Neemsalu in 13th for €2,700 as well. Well played! Pihlstrom is now over 2.4 million chips.

We’re rapidly approaching the final table now with just 12 players remaining. The heat is on….

That’s time for the first break of the day. We’ll be back in 20 minutes, see you then for the run-in to the final.

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