Marks' Revolution Quelled in 13th place (22,600MAD)

Paul Johnson has unseated Simon Marks just shy of the final table.

Marks’ exit saw him jam over the top of a Johnson raise, and get a quick call.

On their backs, it was pocket nines for Johnson and Kc Qc for Marks…a classic flip was brewing.

The board of Ac Ad 8c was a pretty good one for Marks who picked up the nut flush draw, but he was still behind to Johnson’s two pair. “Flush draw….club” Marks requested, but his pleas fell on deaf ears as the board ran out fruitless…the 7d and Th seeing him play his final hand of the main.

“I’m glad you got them,” he said to Johnson charitably as he departed to collect his 22,600MAD from the cash desk.

Well played Mr Marks. We continue 12 handed…

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