Marjanovic Wins Monster

Sometimes poker is a difficult game. Tough calculations, brave calls and good reads all need to be factored into your game to make the right play.

At other times, it really can seem trivially easy, as Adem Majanovic found out moments ago.

The hand that he benefited hugely from saw shortstack Nanos Dimitrios jam his 23,000 stack all-in from middle position.

Dusan Vasiljevic scratched his brow before counting out a call, (with around 75,000 behind) only for Marjanovic to quietly announce all-in, having both players covered.

Vasiljevic made a quick call, feeling committed with Ac Qd, however he groaned and physically crumpled as Marjanovic turned up pocket aces – his equity in the pot and dreams of a deep run crushed in a moment.

His fortunes got even worse as Dimitrios turned over Qh-9h with a smile, his own chances of survival looking bleak.

The flop had few demons for Marjanovic coming 4h 5c 5d Kc Tc to see him home. Vasiljevic and Dimitrios depart, whilst that double KO sees Marjanovic’s stack up above 200,000 – moving him very much into contention for a deep run here. Easy game right!

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