Marino Shot Across Bowers

Valerio Marino has been abusing the bubble as all big stacks should, raising almost every hand and three-betting fairly liberally when anyone at his table has the temerity to make a raise themselves.

Former sparring partner Jonathan Bowers recently gave his stack a little scratch however, peeling from the big blind when Marino had raised to 12,000 from UTG+1.

The board of Ac 7s 3s saw Bowers check-call 5,000.

The turned 6h  went check, check and Bowers counted out 21,000 on the Js river.

Marino thought for a few nanoseconds before tossing in the call, only to muck as Bowers showed him As 9h for top pair. Well the big stack can’t have it ALL his own way, can he?

That’s Marino down to a mere 640,000, Bowers up to 400,000 or so…

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