Man Wins Pot

Three players made it to the 5c-Kc-Ad flop; Chun Hao Man and Angus Dunnington in the blinds both checked it, but David Gee made a small bet in position. Man and Dunningotn called, and they saw a turn – the 5h.

Man and Dunnington both checked again, and this time the bet from Gee was a hefty 39k. Man made the call, but Dunnington with just 60k or so left to his name decided against.

Man and Gee went heads up to the As river, and this time both players checked. “Full house,” announced Gee, flipping 5s-2s for fives full of aces – but Man turned over Ah-9c for aces full of fives, and took the pot.

Man is up to around 330k now, while Gee isn’t in any immediate danger with 225k. We’re just two places off the money, with 38 players remaining.

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