Maltese Places of Interest

I think most people will be well aware there’s lots of fun activities in Malta taking place beach-side, from renting speedboats to just building up a bronzed tan as you relax on the beach, cocktail in hand.

Just to depart from the more traditional holiday fare for a moment though, the culture vultures amongst you might be interested in learning more about the fascinating history and background of Malta.

One place you could take a trip to is the Cathedral Museum in Gozo.

The Cathedral Museum is a baroque structure with an impressive 5-belled belfry, as well as more than 2000 individually preserved items from Malta’s much-storied history of invasions, occupations and spirited defences.

A beautiful building filled with nuggets of information about Malta’s history, this would be a great place for any visitor looking to increase his pool of knowledge about Malta. Appetite whetted, you might then be keen to visit the numerous other historic buildings thronging the island.

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