Mahi Gets Reeled In

A bit of a cooler for Zoubir Mahi, who had every right to think his 5s-5c set was good on the 9d-Jd-5d-Ac-7s board, only to discover that Julian Lefevre was holding Ad-7d for a flopped flush. Oops. Lefevre duly doubled to 26k and Mahi looked quite unhappy, although with 85k remaining after the hand he has many reasons to be cheerful. 85,000 reasons, in fact.

“It must be fun blogging this tournament,” their tablemate Chris Dowling drawled in my direction, somewhat unenthusiastically. “Seat one raises, seat two calls, seat three calls…” We surmise from this that Table 7 has been pretty loose-passive up until this point. Good luck to all over there.

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