Luke Martin Wins MPNPT Tallinn Main Event (€49,000)!

Ladies and gentlemen, after four days of play, Luke Martin has bested a massive field and a tough final table to take the €49,000 first prize and the coveted MPNPT trophy!

The €500 + €50 MPNPT Tallinn Main Event took place January 24-27 at the Hilton Park Tallinn Hotel under the oversight of Olympic Park Casino. The format allowed unlimited rebuys through Level 13, generating a 562-strong field – up from the 534 entries in this event back in 2017. All these rebuys generated a prize pool of €272,570, with 71 places paying out, starting at €900 for a min-cash.

Players who made it into the money included Dutch vlogger Dehlia de Jong (50th place, €1,100), Olybet qualifier Jari Hurri (21st place, €1,600) and Irish poker fixture Daragh Davey (19th, €1,600).

Come the final day, just 18 players remained, with Paf player Peter Pihlstrom in the lead on 1,927,000. The chip counts from the casino had erroneously claimed that Luke Martin was ahead on 2.9 million; this was not the case at the start of the final day, although it would prove somewhat prophetic. A flurry of rapid eliminations soon saw Rikard Andersson fall foul of Jussi Mattila to take 10th place for €3,300, and the final table was set. By this point, Luke Martin had indeed snatched the chip lead on well over 3 million.

Seat Name Qualifier Status Chips
1 Luke Martin 3,370,000
2 Maarten Wichgers 835,000
3 Cody Wagner Grosvenor Poker 2,110,000
4 Jussi Mattila 2,930,000
5 Jorn Inge Hval Guts 1,110,000
6 Peter Pihlstrom Paf 2,525,000
7 Arunas Garunkstis 1,120,000
8 Tiit Piller 2,005,000
9 Paul Johnson 32Red 940,000

MPNPT Tallinn 2019 Final Table

Maarten Wichgers became the first casualty of the official final just minutes into nine-handed play, when his AJ proved insufficient against Luke Martin’s AK to send him home in ninth place for €4,220. A few hands later, Jørn Inge Hvål was outflipped by Tiit Piller and received €6,000 for eighth place.

Arunas Garunkstis was next, falling victim to Peter Pihlstrom. Garunkstis picked up €8,500 for seventh place, and in the process propelled start-of-day chip leader Pihlstrom back into pole position – albeit briefly. Pihlstrom paid off a hefty river bet from Luke Martin in a house-over-house encounter, putting Martin back in front.

Your bloggers were saddened by the demise of punner’s dream Tiit Piller, whose sixth place elimination at the hands of Paul Johnson was worth €11,500, and also sang a sad, sad song for the loss of Cody Wagner in fifth place for €14,500.

Four-handed, Luke Martin had a massive lead, possessing very nearly half the chips in play. However, once Paul Johnson had sent Jussi Mattila home in fourth place (€21,500) and in the process upped his own stack to 6 million, Martin’s lead was starting to look a little less decisive. Indeed, Johnson soon claimed the scalp of Peter Pihlstrom too (third place, €29,000), and had the chip advantage as he and Martin went heads up.

A deal made heads-up (they decided to take €40,000 each and play for the remaining €9,000) seemed to encourage a speedy conclusion to proceedings. Martin chipped away until he controlled two thirds of the chips; eventually he finished off Johnson with trip eights versus two pair, and Martin became the 2019 MPNPT Tallinn Main Event champion.

Elsewhere, the €1,200 + €100 High Roller Six-Max was won by Ottomar Ladva for €13,466 and the €200 + €20 Omaha Cup Six-Max event was won by David Docherty for €3,362; the €200 + €20 Hendon Mob Championship was still in progress at the time of writing. Also, the party atmosphere that characterises the MPNPT is still very much going strong out in the hotel lobby and in the casino, by the sound of it…

With that in mind, we’d just like to quickly remind you that qualifiers are running now for MPNPT Prague May 2-5, before we too head for the bar. Until Prague, then – over and out!

Full Main Event Results

Place Player Qualifier Prize Deal
1 Luke Martin €51,000 €49,000
2 Paul Johnson 32Red €38,000 €40,000
3 Peter Pihlstrom Paf €29,000
4 Jussi Mattila €21,500
5 Cody Wagner Grosvenor Poker €14,500
6 Tiit Piller €11,500
7 Arunas Garunkstis €8,500
8 Jorn Inge Hval Guts €6,000
9 Maarten Wichgers €4,220
10 Rikard Andersson Paf €3,300
11 Declan Rice Betsson €3,300
12 Virginijus Lapenas Guts €3,300
13 Alar Neemsalu €2,700
14 Tarmo Tammel €2,700
15 Eirik Lund Presterud Guts €2,700
16 Jack Hardcastle €2,150
17 Andrejs Perederejevs €2,150
18 Johan Goslings Betsson €2,150
19 Daragh Davey €1,600
20 Werner Lootsma €1,600
21 Jari Hurri Olybet €1,600
22 Andreas Wiborg €1,600
23 Aleksandr Konstantinov €1,600
24 Saku Turtia Olybet €1,600
25 Stefan Hansen Guts €1,600
26 Gunnar Wedde €1,600
27 Roman Korkin €1,600
28 Tanel Adson Olybet €1,400
29 Elias Arild Torgersen Coolbet €1,400
30 Tunnet Taimla €1,400
31 Markku Koplimaa €1,400
32 Viacheslav Sultanov Betsafe €1,400
33 Aleksandr Andreks €1,400
34 Ola Heggen Guts €1,400
35 Carl Gustaf Lundstrom €1,400
36 Jan Christopher Inerud Olybet €1,400
37 Lars Jonas Andersson €1,250
38 Petri Blomdahl Paf €1,250
39 Ronnie Nestor Paf €1,250
40 Adam Smyth 32Red €1,250
41 Leo Pietila Paf €1,250
42 Jan Sore Inerud €1,250
43 Erik Ronning Braten Guts €1,250
44 Roland Luik €1,250
45 Edgaras Bucinskas 32Red €1,250
46 Tonis Tilk Olybet €1,100
47 Giuliano Marr Travella 32Red €1,100
48 Akseli Paalanen €1,100
49 Rain Moldarkivi Paf €1,100
50 Dehlia de Jong €1,100
51 Vasilijus Piskunovas €1,100
52 Jorn Bye Guts €1,100
53 Kalle Saar €1,100
54 Madis Herkul €1,100
55 Seppo Lehtonen €950
56 Aris Rozentals €950
57 Olav-Andre Lovaas NordicBet €950
58 Bjornar Kvamme Guts €950
59 Oleksii Lubnin Olybet €950
60 Timo Jamsen €950
61 Agnius Ismailovas €950
62 Gleb Bugajev €950
63 Kaspars Renga €950
64 Aleksei Matt €900
65 Tomas Molcan €900
66 Tomas Fredrik Karvall Olybet €900
67 Jelco Burger €900
68 Maarten Joosten €900
69 Ilija Savevski Redstar Poker €900
70 Thomas Morstad Guts €900
71 Tony Andre Westby €900


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