Loss of Moss

We were rather expecting a flurry of eliminations immediately following the bubble, but for reasons unknown this has not yet happened. There aren’t many dangerously short stacks, and the general consensus seems to be that the big money at the top is worth taking seriously.

The only elimination we’ve witnessed so far is that of Jacob Moss in 36th place. He took on Pekka Ikonen with Ac-Kc, but found the Finn dominating him with Kh-Kd. Despite repeatedly ordering the poker gods to deliver him an ace, the board rolled out 6s-Js-4h-5h-7c to double Ikonen up to over 380k. Moss was crippled to just 25k.

He got it in the very next hand over a 12k raise from a player in early position, only for Julian Adamson to reshove for 120k. The original raiser folded, and Moss, dominated once again, was gone.

Moss: Ah-6s
Adamson: Ad-Jc

Board: 4s-As-5h-Qh-3c

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