Lipien Pakz His Bags

Jaroslaw Lipien opened to 1,800 and got a flat call from Dieter Aebi; then Babak Pakzad got involved. “How much does he have?” he asked ominously, squinting at Lipien’s remaining stack, before reraising to 5k. Back around to Lipien, who duly went all in for an additional 18k or so. Aebi folded, Pakzad made the call, and they were on their backs.

A classic coinflip.

Lipien: As-Kd
Pakzad: Js-Jd

Board: an unequivocal Jc 2h 6s 4h 9s

Lipien becomes our latest casualty, while Pakzad is up to over 50k. we have 181 players remaining at this time out of 329 entries today, with the average stack at around 45k.

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