Liperis' Star Continues to Wax

Yiannis Liperis is not a man to be trifled with. When he has a decision, he applies all his mental powers to the task and as his burgeoning stack suggests, more often than not arrives at the correct answer.

Perhaps that made Andrew Lewis’ decision to bluff 60,000 with the missed flush draw – 2d 4d on the river of an Ad Qd 8s Qc Ah board  – more questionable – though it did put Liperis’ Q-9 under a bit of pressure.

Again though Liperis made the right call, picking off the bluff to move to well over 400,000. He certainly looks like a man with the right credentials to take the trophy if the poker gods give him a fair roll of the dice.

Lewis drops to a still-comfortable 240,000 but he has shown his own poker instincts are pretty sharp and we could well find these two facing off again further down the line.

In other news Teemu Leppalahti is gone. We only know of his exit because his ID card has been passed to the cash desk. We assume he went out fighting like a champion though.

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