Liperis in the Lead

There was over 200k in the middle of the table by the river of the Ts-Ah-Td-Qs-3h board, but the pot was about to get much, much bigger.

Ronald Musson bet out 65k, but across the table Yiannis Liperis made it 185k. While the other players wandered off on their break, Musson disappeared into the tank. He’d used up almost half the break, stacking and re-stacking his chips, before he finally announced all in for 455k total.

Now it was Liperis’ turn in the tank. He stayed there long enough for Musson to call the clock on him, and even then it took him most of his allotted minute to make a decision.

He made the call.

Liperis: Kd-Jh for a Broadway straight
Musson: 5d-2d for absolute air!

With that, Musson became our 12th place finisher, winning £2,300. Liperis meanwhile is up to 1.8 million and the chip lead – an enviable position at this stage in the tournament, and well worth missing out on 15 minutes in the smoking area.

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