Liperis Crushes Lei with Finesse

Sometimes in poker, you can apply pressure by wielding your stack like a hammer. BET, BET, BET!!!

Sometimes however, a little cerebral manoeuvring can be equally effective. A simple check can prove to be as masterful as a whopping bet.

Yiannis Liperis Just took the aggressive Chaofan Lei to school moments ago, checking the turn of a J-8-4-8 board and calling a bet from Lei. Come the 7 river – Liperis paused a moment and checked once more. Lei took a look at his stack and moved quickly allin for his remaining 180,000 or so. Snap-call from Liperis (who had around 140,000 back.)

He showed J-8 for a sneakily played full house but Lei had already mucked his hand. The trap was set and triggered.

That huge pot left Liperis the huge chip leader with 345,000 whilst Lei was left to lick his wounds and chuckle at the situation – his previous stack in tatters. The misery didn’t last long – as Lei was eliminated soon after, losing a flip for his remaining stack to Chun Hao Man, also well chipped up with around 300,000.

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