Lind Takes Break from Chatting to Double Up

Thomas Lind (pictured) has doubled up to over 45,000 after a big river call from opponent Peter Smith.  Caught with all five board cards out (Tc Qd 7h…2d…6c), and the pot a healthy ~13,000, Lind led out from the big blind for the rest of his stack, 16,975, giving his late-position opponent just two options, call or give up the hand.  Smith thought about it for a while, the river bet representing over half of his remaining chips.

“No snap-call,” noted Lind aloud, “That’s always good.”

Smith then called, but mucked when Lind showed down Td Ts for the flopped set.  He dropped to 15,500, still playable at this 200/400 level.

Lind went back to chatting away to his table as a whole, mainly in English with the occasional Finnish aside to a couple of neighbours, who were in the process of ordering more “Yon Smith’s.”

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