"I Like Gambling" Alli Mallu. "I'm White" Polar Bears.

Alli Mallu is still going strong, with over 112,000 after his most recent face-off vs. Button Player (so sorry, sir, your card’s not visible).  Button Player, with a hefty 160k+ of his own, opened to 5,200 only to find Mallu jamming 107,000 from the blinds.

“I wanna gamble,” elucidated Mallu, “I like gambling.”

This huge bet caused some consternation; eventually BP folded, showing an amazed table A-Q.  A particular non-believer said he’d take that hand and call immediately. Mallu instantly shoved a wad of cash on the table and said, “Go on then.  £500 and you’ll play that hand against mine.  Go on.  Go on.”  His doubter backed down; Mallu showed a single king.

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