Leaderwatch: Breaktime Edition

Frederick Xavier Janik 88,000
Juliane Aram Papazian 70,300
Susan Cynthia Jane Williamson 70,000
Martin Dean 70,000
Jari Hurri 68,000
Jake O’Leary 61,000
Barry Donovan 60,000
Paul Edward Maslin 57,000
Arijus Zakas 55,000
Andrew Thomas Wright 54,000
Mario Juste Sanchez 53,000
Lars Magnusson 52,000
Marek Selgeveer 50,000
Michal Jan Kuleszca 50,000
Robert McAdam 50,000
John Cahill 50,000
Olivier Guillaume Chapiteau 48,000
Ronnie Nestor 47,000
Dmitrijs Golovanovs 40,000

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