Lazarova Exerts Stranglehold on Final

Dominating Lazarova has title in sights

Three-handed Iva Lazarova has strengthened her chip lead – her confidence growing as evidenced by an inventive and highly effective overbet moments ago where, holding [8h][5h] on a board of [8s 2c 9h] [Ah] [9d] – checked down the whole way, Lazarova bet out  very large 700,000 bet on the river – making her hand look like a potential bluff with such effectiveness that Yosifov called with just king high.

What a value-bet!

Here’s how the chips stand right now:

Name Country Chips
Iva Lazarova Bulgaria 6,600,000
Dmitri Fomitsa Estonia 2,400,000
Borislav Yosifov Bulgaria 680,000

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