Lazar Dances No More (3rd - 465,000 Kč, € 18,600.00)

Finally the rollercoaster ride of Andrei Lazar has ended – we’ve had dancing, cackling, unorthodox play and finally his amazing tournament has ended. Lazar suffered several cold deck situations to lose many of his chips – flopping trip threes with 6-3 on a 9-3-3 board versus Mateusz Warowiec’s pocket nines a particularly cruel moment.

His exit saw Warowiec limp from the small blind with 6-8 and check-call three streets of a 3s9c8d4dAs board as Lazar fired 225k, 300k and a final all-in shove for 775,000.

It was a fine call as Lazar could only showdown king high and just like that we were heads-up for the trophy! Congratulations Mr Lazar, you have entertained the crowds with your fun brand of poker and fully earned your 465,000 Kč, € 18,600.00 prize money. See you soon!

The players are on a short break but we’ll return with Warowiec contending the title with Marko Keskel – the Pole a 2-1 chip leader.

We are on the verge of crowning the MPNPT Prague champion!

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