Laucher Bursts Bubble!

Well, the dream of MPNPT glory is over for Quentin Laucher. We didn’t catch how the hand played out exactly – hopefully more details to follow, but we saw Mr Laucher with pocket kings in front of him and Christoforos Diakoulakis with K-Q in front of him.

You would have thought Laucher would have been a strong favourite for the pot barring an outrageous flop.

Well the board of Q-Q-7-9-Q was one such outrageous board. Quads for Diakoulakis and Laucher’s full house was second best by the time the river had arrived. Wow.

Quentin Laucher’s Main Event was over then, but the small consolation of a Manchester MPNPT seat should help soften the blow.

Meanwhile everyone else is getting paid a minimum of €1,100 with that €35,000 up top the number they’ll all be eyeing invidiously. Fantastic news(for everyone bar the unfortunate Quentin Laucher!) The players are on a break now to take stock of their newly-remunerated lives. We’ll be back in 20 minutes to continue play. See you shortly!

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