Larsson Out in 15th, Brenseth Out in 14th (€17,840 Apiece)

I’m not sure how it came to this, but it looked like Leo Worthington-Leese had somehow got the lot in preflop with Qc 8h against Terje Brenseth’s 3s 3d, and then proceeded to smack the proverbial *censored* out of the 8d Tc Jd 5h 9s board. To cheers from his enthusiastic rail, Worthington-Leese doubled up to 5.25 million while Brenseth was reduced to just 375k – pretty much a single big blind.

Meanwhile on the other table, Lars Larsson was making his last stand with a very respectable As Qh against Vincenzo Pinna’s so-so Qd Td – only for the board to run out Th 3h Js 5c 8d, relegating him to the rail in 15th place. GG, WP etc. Have €17,840.

…And then back to Brenseth, who, having folded for a few hands, now pushed his last big-blind-and-a-bit into the middle withAdQc. Flavio Laudani ([QsJd) and Josef Gulas [Tc4c) both called, and proceeded to check it down. Gulas’ hand was the best by the end of the 9d 7h Ah 8h 6h board, and out went Brenseth too, taking 14th place for €17,840.

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