Ladies for Liimatta

Thanks to our roving (actually sitting quite still at the same table) reporter Andy Hills for filling us in on the preflop action – Soile Lerviks opened to 600 under the gun and then called the reraise to 2,500 from Joni Liimatta in the cutoff. I further understand that Lerviks check-called a bet from Liimatta on the flop.

Anyway, there was over 13k in the pot by the time I arrived to find Lerviks tanking on the turn, the board reading Kh 3s 8d 8c. Exciting stuff! However, Lerviks ultimately checked and Liimatta checked behind; they both checked the 9d river as well, and Liimatta turned over Qs Qd for just a pair of queens, still miles ahead of Lerviks’ Ah Js for basically nothing.

Neither player is too far off their starting stack after that, but nonetheless: Liimatta is up to 35k, Lerviks down to 27k.

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