Kyte Buffeted by Stormy Winds

Jon Kyte and big stack Joakim Zeijlon just played out a pot that left Kyte fuming a little.

Kyte, Zeijlon and Ranno Sootla contested the action preflop – the trio seeing a board of 5s 6s 2s peel off.

Sootla checked, Kyte fired out 13,000, Zeijlon called in position and Sootla pushed his hand into the muck.

The turned Qh saw Kyte consider for a few moments before counting out 27,000 and firing his second bullet. Zeijlon called once more.

The river 9s brought a check from Kyte – Zeijlon threw out a bet of 27,000. Kyte looked slightly reticent but picked up a chip and casually threw it out to indicate a call.

Zeijlon turned up 7s8s for a flopped flush and Kyte flashed the As. “Why does the turn come?” he asked angrily, adding later “So ***** lucky!”

Zeijlon remained impassive – his stack up to 215,000 whilst Kyte takes a painful hit – down to 50,000.

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