Krisztian and Hynne Finish Short

It’s been a deep run they can both be proud of but Arvai Krisztian and Tor-Arne Hynne have seen their hopes of an MPNPT title stolen from them in the last level of the day.

Andrius Chmieliauskas was the man to dismiss Krisztian, raising the button with Kd 9s, then calling Krisztian’s amll blind 110,000 shove with what turned out to be Jc-Qh.

The hand wasn’t far off a coin-flip, which Chmieliuskas duly won over the As 5d Ts As 6c board.

16th place and €2,090 for Krisztian. 1.1 million for Chmieliuskas

Maher sent Hynne packing, winning a preflop coup coin flip – his pocket fives holding versus Hynne’s two overcards (As Qh). Maher moves to 1.4 million – close to current chip leader Kilian Kramer, whose 1,800,000 looks to be the top stack right now.


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