Koskinen Stack Teeming With Chips

Teemu Koskinen has just collected a large chunk of change to climb up the rankings.

We joined Koskinen, Patrik Mnic and one other player three-handed to an Ad Jc 3s board.

The action on the turned 5c proceeded with a 3,500 bet from Koskinen and Mnic was the sole caller.

Koskinen fired a final 7,500 bullet on the 8s river and Mnic reluctantly called, nodding his head in submission as Koskinen turned up pocket threes for a flopped set.

Mncic sadly flashed his cards for a brief moment. We think we spotted an ace and possibly a jack, which was very harsh indeed if it were the case. Either way, the pot was shipped to Koskinen, who is up to a well-above-average 56,500 whilst the glummer-looking Mnic was left with 28,000.

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