Kokk Doubles Up with a Nut Flush

Janar Kokk is looking for his first cash at a MPN Poker Tour event.

So far so good here at the Battle of Malta as he has already more than doubled his starting stack and sits with a pile of 62,000 in chips.

Kokk shared with the MPN Poker Tour Media Team a critical early hand.

It all began with what Kokk described as a “loose bullet” opening for 1,000 from early position before Kokk called with [Ac7c] from the button.

A king and a queen came on the flop along with two clubs and Kokk’s opponent check-called a bet of 2,200.

Kokk’s opponent check-called again, this time for 5,000 after the [6s].

The [Jc] completed the board on the river. Kokk’s opponent fired out for 6,000 before Kokk, who now nailed his flush, jammed all-in.

Kokk’s opponent, who had about 13,000 behind, called and tossed his hand into the muck.

A conversation took place after the hand that Kokk’s opponent should have tabled the hand since it was an all-in situation. However, since the dealer wasn’t able to retrieve the cards there wasn’t much that could be done about it.


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