Kobeza Doubles Up

A new big stack has emerged! In a most fortunate (for me; not so much for the poor chap who the hand) bit of timing, I arrived just as a brief preflop raising war between Maksym Kobeza and Jani Kainulainen was reaching its crescendo, Kainulainen moving all in and Kobeza making the call.

Kobeza: As Ac

Kainulainen: Qs Qh

Board: Kc 9s 10s 5s 6s

Kobeza doubled up to around 105k, while Kainulainen was reduced to 27k – less than the 30k he started the day with.

By the way, both Jussi Mattila and Phil Huxley appear to have re-entered. No word on the others at the moment.

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