Kings show Austin no Mercy

Jake O’Leary, well-known on the MPNPT Tour representing the players, is wearing a different cap today – showing us his poker playing chops. They don’t look too shabby either – he’s been busy in the opening few levels – playing lots of little pots and chipping up gradually – on about 28,500 right now.

Most recently, we caught him making an 1,100 bet on the river of an ace-high board – Ryan Austin considering his action before saying, “this is probably a terrible call” and throwing in the 1,100 chips.

“I think I’m good,” said Jake, tabling Ad 6d for top pair whilst Ryan showed down a pair of kings and laughed.

“Ouch, unlucky,” sympathised Jake with a pat on the shoulder.

Austin seemed to see the funny side. “Please stop dealing me kings!” he implored the dealer.

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